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Model parameter representation of the motor
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The product model is composed of product code, specification code, special environment code and supplementary code. They are listed in the following order: product code - specification code - special environment code - supplementary code.

I. product code: it is composed of four sections: motor type code, motor characteristic code, design serial number and excitation mode code.

1. Type code is the Chinese phonetic alphabet used to represent various types of motors.

For example: asynchronous motor Y synchronous motor T synchronous generator TF dc motor Z dc generator ZF

2. The characteristic code is to represent the performance, structure or purpose of the motor, and is also represented by Chinese phonetic alphabet

For example, the flameproof type is represented by B for YB shaft circulation fan, YZD for YVP variable speed regulating YVP variable speed multi-speed YD crane, etc

3. Design serial number refers to the order of motor product design, represented by Arabic numerals. For the first design of the product does not mark the design number, the series of products derived from the product according to the design of the order marked.

For example: Y2 YB2

4 excitation code is represented by letters, S for the third harmonic, J for the thyristor, and X for the phase complex excitation ii. Specification code is mainly expressed by center height, frame length, core length, number of poles.

1. Center height refers to the height from the motor axis to the bottom corner of the frame; According to the different center height, the motor can be divided into large, medium,

There are four kinds of miniature and miniature, among which the center height is 45mm~71mm.

H in 80mm~315mm belongs to the small motor; H in 355mm~630mm belongs to the medium motor; H above 630mm is a large motor.

2. The frame length is indicated by the international common letter: S -- short frame M -- middle frame

L -- block 3. The length of the core is denoted by the Arabic numerals 1, 2, 3, 4, 4, from long to short, and the number of poles is divided into 2, 4, 6, 8, etc.